Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm back!

After 2 grueling weeks without internet,I have finally gotten it back. I have installed another year's worth of anti-virus software and I am good to go.

In the meantime,I have been enjoying summer in the city of Chicago-I finally moved to my new apartment at the beginning of the month. So far I have discovered that I live close to two Ex-Yugoslavian import stores,where I can get my Nutella and Rose Hip jam fix whenever I want now. I also live by Dominick's, your typical corporate supermarket,all within walking distance. Aldi is coming soon and it's just around a corner from me-so I have no excuse not to cook so my mother says(ha!)

I also live around the corner from a hip coffee shop and also next to the coffee shop a dry cleaner's that is way cheaper than the other one that I used to go to that was by my old apartment. The fact that I don't have to drive to the cleaner's and the items are cleaned by the next day is such a big bonus for me.

Even better, I live very close to the lake and by various beaches and parks,which is where I have been doing my jogging and walking lately. To top it off I live smack next to the Red Line train where I can hop on anytime and hit up downtown in minutes. A tad noisy but somehow I sleep right through it(don't ask how).

All in all I like my new place so far and my neighborhood is great-I will let you know how things go for the rest of the summer,as I plan on hitting up festivals,the beach,and Venetian Night, A light boat parade that they do every year on Lake Michigan,something I have yet to see.