Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lent/Holy Week

Happy Sunday everyone...

I will be sacrificing many things and fasting for Lent/Holy Week starting tomorrow. This includes no internet,no alcohol,no sex,no dairy,meat,or any other animal products. This is so I can cleanse my mind and spirit as much as I can and just mediate on the simple things that we take granted for as we head into a new season,a season of renewal,Spring. See you soon,and have a great Easter for those who celebrate.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Balkan Spring Festival-get your dance on!

My love for Eastern European/Balkan dancing started as soon as I started to walk and was taken to dance parties featuring Macedonian and Serbian folklore music. Next thing you know,I joined a dance ensemble and performed in front of hundreds of people from elementary school into high school.

I took a break when I went away for college pursuing my Bachelor's,but once I moved to Chicago and started Grad school,I reconnected with my love for Eastern European dancing when I joined The Chicago Balkan Dance Ensemble.

Every year, the Chicago Balkan Dance Ensemble features a Balkan Spring Festival which hosts a series of workshops from various Balkan dance artists and musicians,followed by a concert from various Eastern European Groups and a dance party afterwards. It takes place March 19-21 at International House,1414 E 59th St in Chicago,located on University of Chicago's campus. The cost varies,but if you want to make it to the concert and dance party,the admission cost is between 20-30 dollars,depending if you wanted to attend the concert.

I have performed and volunteered at this event,and it is definitely worth checking out! Come learn something new and be immersed Eastern European culture.