Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dread those chores? Put some music on.


Let's face it. We all hate chores(unless you are Danny Tanner from Full House,who loved cleaning every minute lol). But it must be done. Keeping order in the home is a must to lead a clutter-free, energized positive lifestyle. Knowing where everything is keeps your life organized.

Here is a great tip that I use to get me through those cleaning routines. I recently organized my closet. Now that fall is here and winter is fast approaching,I needed to make room for my sweaters and had to do so by pulling out my summer duds. Fortunately I was able to hold out until late October for this,since Indian Summer in Chicago managed to stick around close to about a month this time. Dreading the task,I put on my favorite podcast called the Deep House Cat Show and let it play away.

 You can choose any genre really that suits your taste. Itunes Podcast would be a great place to find something you like since it can give you hours of good music. Pandora is another great source for nonstop music to get you through those cleaning sessions-try it! Before you know it,you will finish that task without realizing how boring it was. Music makes the world go 'round they say! So true.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fashion in the city:Chicago Fashion Focus-10/18-10/24


Starting this Monday,Chicago's very own fashion week  Chicago Fashion Focus will be highlighting some of the most talented designers ever known from the windy city. Most of the events will take place at Chicago's very own Millenum Park. Come check out what will be in store for the upcoming season.

Chicago may not be LA or NYC but it definitely has some talented designers here. Check out designers such as Kate Boggiano and Maria Pinto,Michelle Obama's go to for fashionable duds.

Events and times vary,as well as admission. For more information check out Chicago Fashion Resource, a site that displays all the latest events related to fashion throughout the city.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us! How I survived the 1st year of marriage.

This coming Monday,October 4th will mark 1 year since I have been married. How time flies! As I gear up to have dinner on a cruise at Navy Pier, I think about how much I have grown and adapted to being a wife in this crazy modern world we live in.

It was difficult at first to adjust to the fact that I am no longer alone. I was so used to being by myself,making my own decisions,coming and going as I please,and so forth. When you fuse your life with someone else,it then becomes where there are two people that you have to consider when it comes to making decisions,anywhere ranging from where you are going to live,to how much money you will be spending,to who will be in and out of your life. We learned each other's quirks and habits which also takes place in the newlywed process.

Of course,one must not get lost in the marriage process. Too often do I see couples isolating themselves where they have no friends whatsoever and start to lose themselves as an individual. Sure you will be spending the most time with your lifetime partner and best friend,your husband/wife,but it definitely should not mean that you cannot have any other outside activities and other friends. Who says you have to give up yoga,hanging out with your girlfriends,or joining that charity just because you are married now?  Time apart will actually strengthen your bond with your other half believe it or not,and is healthy for your well being. We definitely do this and I am very fortunate to be married to someone that allows me to. I think that is a big bonus when seeking a mate because it is only healthy to have time apart.

With both genders in the workforce nowadays,we seek equality in our marriages as well. Yes,this means the husband should also pitch in with the housework duties such as laundry,dishwashing,etc. This is the 21st century after all. Especially with us living in a large city such as Chicago,the hustle and bustle of city life does require both parties to work together to move life right along,not only outside the home but inside the home as well.