Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dread those chores? Put some music on.


Let's face it. We all hate chores(unless you are Danny Tanner from Full House,who loved cleaning every minute lol). But it must be done. Keeping order in the home is a must to lead a clutter-free, energized positive lifestyle. Knowing where everything is keeps your life organized.

Here is a great tip that I use to get me through those cleaning routines. I recently organized my closet. Now that fall is here and winter is fast approaching,I needed to make room for my sweaters and had to do so by pulling out my summer duds. Fortunately I was able to hold out until late October for this,since Indian Summer in Chicago managed to stick around close to about a month this time. Dreading the task,I put on my favorite podcast called the Deep House Cat Show and let it play away.

 You can choose any genre really that suits your taste. Itunes Podcast would be a great place to find something you like since it can give you hours of good music. Pandora is another great source for nonstop music to get you through those cleaning sessions-try it! Before you know it,you will finish that task without realizing how boring it was. Music makes the world go 'round they say! So true.


  1. I usually do the same when I clean my place: I blast some good music and start dancing while I'm at it. But with the mountains of clothes I had to sort out this past month - which are STILL laying in bags on my floor! - I would walk into that room and feel like this... insurmountable and overwhelming task was at hand and I just could not finish it a million years, so I would just turn around and walk away from it, haha. No music, regardless of how good, could get me picked up high enough to want to finish going through these clothes.

    Maybe I need some reeeeaaaly good house music :)

  2. Still working on it huh? Yea,these tips are just for typical cleaning routines haha. Your case is definitely an exception! When I had to clean out bags of clothes out of my parents house,it took me a few weeks. What you will have to do is break it down in small projects and chip away slowly BUT surely!
    Also taking frequent breaks can help get you through your cleaning sessions you might just have to do it for few hours/weeks at at time. And yes of course GREAT House music,:-) The podcasts are great because they last a good 1-2 hours-enough to do at least one cleaning session-good luck,I know it's such a major task but it can be done :-)