Saturday, December 11, 2010

Don't get in a rut when in a relationship-keep the spark alive.

Another guilty pleasure of mine is watching reality TV series Giuliana and Bill,that shows on Style Network on Monday nights. Bill Rancic if you recall,was the first Apprentice on Trump's reality show. Giuliana if you don't know, is a TV host for E! I especially love this show because not only does it take place in the Windy City,but also because it is honest-to-goodness reality show without all the crazy drama. Some may think this is boring but it is a nice change from all the tacky reality shows that have been popping up everywhere. Giuliana and Bill have put "relationships and marriage can be fun" back on the map.

Watch this clip as they talk about how getting in a rut is easy when in a marriage or serious relationship. Good advice from a couple whose idea of marriage should include keeping the spark through creative ways. All too much we hear that once someone gets in a serious relationship or marriage,we tend to just get into this routine and not try anymore. I believe this is definitely the secret to any relationship.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas in Chicago-enjoy the festivities.


Christmas in Chicago can get pretty cold and the snow is dreaded by all,but the holiday festivities warms up the city like no other. Chicago remains throughout the year as an ideal city full of activities.

Here are two events that will get you through the holiday winter season.

ChristKindlmarket-is a street festival that takes place up to December 24th at Daley Plaza. Check out German based goods and sip on hot wine or chocolate,as well as take pictures under the city's Christmas tree.

Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier-is another festival that takes place at Navy Pier. Take in the sights and sounds that is also great for young and old alike. Check out Winter WonderFest at Navy Pier for more information. 

And of course window shopping on State St. is always a timeless tradition. Check out the Walnut Room at Macy's on State for a festive feast. 

Who says hibernating during the winter is necessary to survive the winters in Chicago-get out there and enjoy what Chicago's winter season has to offer. Before you know it,it'll be springtime.

Sunday cruising on Michigan Ave.