Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Desperate Housewives?

Well,not exactly but...

I am sure many women can relate to this topic-I was talking to a particular woman one day who recently had a baby. She is a young career woman as well as a mother,two roles that are hard to balance,as most of you women with careers know.

As women get married,have babies,get careers,etc,they tend to lose themselves-their social circles become limited since their lives get so busy that they don't have time for the outside world. Things come up where you have other responsibilities and you may have to decline those invitations.

This women that I talked to recently got facebook and although it's got its cons she definitely enjoys it because she was able to reconnect with a lot of her friends and is now able to keep up with the latest events outside her bubble that she had created over the past year or so.

I feel the same way,with facebook and twitter,and even this blog,it is a great way for me to connect with other women and gives me an outlet to the outside world. I also do not want to give up writing as it is one of my favorite activities. I recently got married so with that comes a lot of responsibilities also-saving money,household duties,a career outside the home,etc.

I hope that although I have entered a new lifestyle now that I will still be able to retain my extracurricular activities. Living in Chicago has allowed me to have great opportunities through social networking events and also the fact that there is so many things you can do out here to keep your interests alive. I know many women who after they have gotten married just stopped doing everything altogether and have lost their identity over the years.

For those of you who live in the Chi,search for networking events in your area-and if you are worried about costs have no fear-may of them feature free cocktails and appetizers. Also,many of these events take place usually during after work hours and end pretty early,convenient for those who work 9-5 everyday. Have fun ladies!

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