Monday, April 5, 2010

Please,we are in church,aren't we?

So Easter has gone and past,including my one week vacation. The weather in Chicago was fabulous, with several days getting up to the 80's. I did some killer shopping on the Magnificent Mile,walked along Lake Michigan,and rounded the week up by attending Church and visiting family in Indiana for some Easter Lamb.

I by no means am a bible thumper,but I do have a connection with the Eastern Orthodox Church. Before I start my rant I do have to say that not all Orthodox Churches are like this.But there is a time and place for everything.

Service started at 10:00 am and I unexpectingly arrived about half hour early. I walked in with my husband and did our rounds as we lit candles and did our cross and proceeded to sit down.  A bunch of old school ladies in their 60s and 70s sat down near me as well as people started pouring into the church. The next thing you know I couldn't help eavesdrop a rather annoying conversation and it went something like this:

Old lady No.1: "(insert name here)" now lives downtown,but ah,let them study downtown"(this church was in a Chicago suburb by the way as if it was so me far magical place,it's actually only a half hour away)

Old lady No.2 "(insert name here) is now the boss at the hospital,the problem is she cannot find a husband,but she doesn't need a man if she is the head of the hospital"

Old lady No.3" That's good,she will find someone one day.

If I was this girl they were talking about,I would be SO mad,and it is so SAD that such gossiping occurs when you are in the House of God.

In the meantime,my Husband had some old 80 year old guy nudging him constantly,asking him where he is from,what does he do,etc. My goodness,the priest is talking,why are you!? Gee,I didn't know church is used as a social hot spot.

 Then of course you got the late comers who pour in about half hour before the service ends,and of course no one is coming in quiet,as I strained to hear the priest continue with his sermon. Again,hello,you are in church.  

The service ended with communion services,which of course people were cutting in line,as if we were in some lunch line at an elementary school,how old are we now?

I try not to rant about things on my blog but this one I just had to. When you are in church,please do not do the following:

-Do not speak while the priest is speaking,it's rude.
-Do not gossip,you are in church,not at some coffee shop.
-Do not cut in line,push,or shove,we are not in kindergarten.

If you cannot follow these simple rules then I suggest you don't bother coming to church at all. End rant.



  1. Hi Dijana,

    I think your church situation is funny for two reasons: a) obviously it's rude to gossip about others in public, but even more so in church and the house of God as you stated and b) it appears that old people turn a certain age and suddenly forget all the manners they were once taught. I hate to generalize, but don't you find this to be true about our elders sometimes?

  2. Actually yes I do! They are hypocrites too,going to church but then judging people WHILE in church,it's really amusing.