Friday, August 27, 2010

Dj Colette at Green Dolphin

Dj Colette not only spins but she also sings.

As you have read my previous posts, I love love love house music. Chicago is the House capital of the world no doubt. I have been real busy with the summer and all so this post is a little late.

I went to see one of my favorite dj's ever,Colette,at Chicago's Boom Boom Monday nights at Green Dolphin,a haven for house music and house music lovers alike. Dj Colette is a native Chicagoan who was on a tour called "Second City Sessions" and did her final round in Chicago on August 16th. I actually got to meet Dj Colette after my husband spotted her mingle amongst the locals and told her how much of a big fan I was of hers-imagine how surprised I was! She was sweet and down to earth,which cannot be much said about a lot of these djs these days.

I enjoyed listening to all her classic tracks including "What Would She Do for Love" and "Hypnotized" as well as many others. A little known fact:DJ Colette grow up singing in a choir and has a GREAT voice. She also sings with her tracks which makes her a truly special Dj. Also,she is one of very few women House Djs out there these days,so more power to her.

As I mentioned, Green Dolphin is the place to be on Monday nights. Monday nights is "Boom Boom Room" nights in Chicago that features great underground house music. There is no dress code here so everything goes,and it truly is a place for people to go to listen to great house music and dance the night away(in your Puma sneakers of course). I also love this place because it has such a different vibe to it then your typical club/lounge on Saturday nights. It's mainly local people that go and that's what makes it so great because they are not there to show off,or to act pretentious, but to really enjoy themselves to local music.

What I also love is the diversity of the place. You may be wondering what kind of people attracts to this place and the answer is: everyone! All walks of life come here making it a truly unique experience. I much rather go out here on a Monday nights then on a Saturday nights anyways. You know the saying goes:weekend are for amateurs!(hehe) People are amazed when I tell them that this place is opened until 4am! That's Chicago for you :-)

You must think it's crazy to go out on Monday nights, especially if you work a 9-5 job everyday. Just take a PTO on Tuesdays and check it out,you will not be disappointed-it's totally worth it.

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