Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I did it, I deactivated my Facebook Profile

So I did what most probably have a hard time doing-deactivated my Facebook. What made this easy was that you don't really get rid of your Facebook all together, as it does give you an option to "just temporarily" deactivate it. All you simply do to reactivate it is log in, but you no longer exist in the meantime in the Facebook world.

I did it solely because it was WAY too distracting for me-before after work I'd plop down in front of my Mac and linger on FB for hours. I felt tired and had a hard time sleeping at night due to looking at a computer screen for so long.

I also am on Twitter (and still am) but what is great about Twitter is you read all the news feeds you missed out, post a sentence or two, not really look at pictures, and you are on your way. I actually like Twitter way better because it's less private and a great way to catch up on all your favorite news and business media outlets. Plus it's a good way to just keep in touch with your REAL friends in this crazy busy world we live in.

I heard on the radio the other day that you are more prone to Depression if you go on Facebook! The reason they stated was because you see all these people posting pictures of "being happy all the time" and that can stir some resentment and well, depression.

It could also be that some of the posts and statuses people put up are ridiculous and it gets to the point where you think "why am I wasting my time reading and looking at these posts when I can be doing something WAY more constructive, like the beef vegetable soup that I just made that took me a few hours to make, but it turned out great and it was so worth it! I felt that I actually accomplished something on the home front.

Then there are the ones that just simply "collect" friends and won't even say ONE WORD to you. AT ALL. Honestly, I don't know if they would even notice if you unfriend them. Really.

But, who are we kidding, I do miss it just a little. We'll see how long I last. I will be making a HUGE announcement in May so that might definitely change, I think it will be worth posting.

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