Saturday, January 19, 2013

Great coffee in a great neighborhood-Metropolis Coffee Co.

If you live in Chicago, you very well know where all the "hotspots" are. This also includes where you can get a great cup of coffee from a local mom and pop shop.

Enter Metropolis Coffee Company.

When I was house hunting I knew I wanted to stay in the neighborhood of Edgewater. I could write a whole post about this neighborhood(which eventually I will). One great feature of where I live is this coffeehouse. I am truly spoiled and lucky I live five minutes walking distance to this place. It's been voted many times as the most popular coffee in the city and they even get customers from all over the country.

You know they sell the best coffee when other local coffeehouses sell Metropolis Coffee as well. Even some of the hotels downtown offer this coffee for their guests.

This place attracts students from the nearby university, parents with their toddlers, the mobile office worker, and groups of friends catching up. It's the ultimate example of the neighborhood coffeehouse.

Metropolis is known to roast and brew their own coffee,which means you can get a freshly roasted cup of coffee each time. The baristas are friendly and know their stuff. Taking a bag or two home is available for those last minute visitors you want to impress.

The coffeehouse is cozy,warm, and always decorated with local art that you can also purchase. Pastries and other delights are available to accompany that hot cup of java. And of course, free Wifi.

When the weather is nice, you can take that coffee to go and walk just a few feet towards the lake. Metropolis coffee in hand walking along Lake Michigan is truly paradise!

So if you happen to be venturing on the Northside of Chicago, this is the place to be. Good coffee, good atmosphere and best of all, it's local. It's truly the anchor of this neighborhood and a good representative of what Chicago coffeehouses are all about.

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