Friday, June 28, 2013

Looking for a job in the big city: what you should know.

      Ok. So you decided you want to live in the big city and even saved up enough to make your move.

     Now what?

     Well, your next move should be on where you will be working. Whether you are a student or a young professional wanting a change of scenery, you will need to keep up with your expenses and standard of living.

      Before I moved for graduate school, I had to think of where I'll be working during my studies. I had multiple jobs that I worked in before I landed my career job after I graduated. In a big city, you have the advantage of having a variety of jobs you can choose from.

     Hostessing and waiting tables in a major restaurant and/or bar is a great way to make cash with flexible hours. These are minimum wage jobs but the tips people leave is where you can reach true money making potential. This is probably the largest sector of jobs in a big city like Chicago which is known for its world class dining and entertainment.

     Find out which local papers are well known in your desired big city and check the job ads there. In my case I used The Chicago Reader and the Chicago's section of Craig's List. I have also been known to walk up and down through various neighborhoods and asked owners of the establishment of any job openings-you would be surprised that a lot of positions won't be posted or advertised anywhere.

     Now the tricky part-convincing your prospective employer that you are willing to relocate and stay for awhile in your new big city. For me, I had a friend that was willing to let me stay at her place for long stretches of time and was able to use her address. If you can be in a similar situation where you have a friend or a relative that lives in the desired city of your choice, use this to your advantage! I was told by someone who worked in Human Resources that your chances of snagging a job is greater when using a local address.

     However, I know not everyone will have this option. When seeking for a position, whether applying in person or sending a resume on-line, absolutely make sure that you mention somewhere that you are more than willing to relocate and move.

     For you young(or older) professionals-you may find it easier than students to find a well paying position in your field. However, in a big city it can get competitive because many career minded individuals like yourself are also pursuing for the same high profile position. Nothing wrong working in  the restaurant or bar industry in the meantime until you do land your dream job, so take these positions in stride if you really want to move to the big city!

For more tips on finding a job in a big city, email me with any questions, I can help!


  1. Great advice!! I was in the city for a long time, with a great job, and loved every minute of it! I often think about going back and then I change my mind rather quickly. :)

    1. Haha-we can always visit at least :-)