Monday, December 29, 2008

I <3 House

Along with my love for Chicago(and among other things as you read my blog), House has got to be my favorite music of all time,although it all started with techno and dance.

During my early college years in undergrad was when I first got introduced to Tiesto,thanks to my international friends I made at the university,long before he became mainstream. As I got older,however,my taste changed,as I can no longer tolerate the fast thumping beats that radiated throughout the nightclubs(but Tiesto,you still rock,I loved you when I went to your concert back in 2005 at the Riviera).

It was during Grad school when I got really into House,and I didn't know that there are various types of house too-deep house, French House,San Fran House,etc etc. One of my favorite's is Dj Kaskade,who was born in Chicago but moved to San Francisco-his beats are smooth,mellow,and can still dance to,and he has been used for many remixes.

Currently I am listening to shoutcast radio's Digitally Imported,Deep House from New York City. I would highly recommend this station-I listen to this station while I am cleaning,while I am having a coffee with my fiance,while I am cooking,you name it.

Any dance music is great to me-Euro,some Techno,Dance,but overall, House is my favorite,and Chicago has some GREAT local djs-I highly suggest checking out Green Dolphin Street on Mondays for some great local house music,and don't forget to check out the back room where Chicago locals strut their stuff in a dance battle as the dj's spin their favorite house.

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