Monday, April 6, 2009

I joined the gym-sorry Chicago.

April in Chicago,and the weather is just not quite warming up-they even canceled White Sox's baseball game opener because there was snow on US.Cellular Field! It would have been nice to stroll among Bridgeport,home of the White Sox,and head on over to Pancho Pistola's, my favorite Mexican spot,among the Southside Chicago Cops and avid Sox fans.

I have been meaning to jog along the lake once the weather got warmer, and it is April already, and I have just run out of patience. So instead, I decided to join the gym. Yes I know,I probably can still run outdoors,40 degrees is not bad-but for me,it has to be super warm in order for me to tolerate any form of exercise outdoors-so for now I will just hit up the gym. Luckily,it's month-to month membership and I can cancel anytime,so I can be sure to be jogging along our beautiful Lake Michigan in no time,but just not now.

City of Chicago, please,I love you,but we sure hate your schizophrenic weather,and I just about had it hearing it from my east coast fiance...really now,New York has bad weather too I'm sure!

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  1. Yes, the apple does have bad weather. But spring is always beautiful here. Hope you have fun at the gym keep us updated.