Friday, March 20, 2009

March is Social Work Month!

This post is rather late but better late than never...

March has been dedicated to Social Work month. This is the month where Social Workers are supposed to get recognized and thanked for the work that they do. First of what is Social Work you may ask?

Here is some background on how Social Work even got started. Jane Adams was the founder of Social Work,which believe it or not started out in Chicago in the early 1900's. Jane Adams intention of Social Work first started off as establishing community houses for immigrants that came to this country and needed social services to adjust to their new country. Soon Social Work branched out in different areas such as mental health,child welfare, medical, and so forth. The general idea behind Social Work is to help individuals adjust to their environment whether it's adjusting to a new chronic illness or going through a job loss by connecting them with resources that meets their needs and provide counseling to help them adjust to any life changes.

At one point Social Workers were not recognized as professionals and everyone was calling themselves Social Workers,taking advantage of the profession. Nowadays if you want to be a Social Worker you must have a master's with two years of internship experience and thereafter pass a state board exam to be licensed.

So if you happen to know a Social Worker,thank them in any way for their hard work and dedication to help individuals in time of need. Often times these workers are overlooked and not appreciated enough.

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