Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hang in there, America.

For the next several days,I will be finally utilizing my paid time off hours that I have earned while working and take some time off for myself. I am extremely fortunate and thank God everyday that I still have a job. I hear my fiance on numerous calls with his friends saying how "things are slow" and that "there are no jobs out there." My girlfriend from the east coast and I chatted for about an hour and a half today and her significant other also is in the search for a new job since they have reduced his hours severely as well. It's almost everyday that I am hearing someone lost their job or is being threatened that they are going to get laid off.

I really don't know how I can be of help but for awhile I was out of work too,partly because all I had to do was complete my licensure after Graduate school. But with so many graduates also seeking for positions in my field, it was still competitive. I have acquired through research and practice skills that you can use on your next interview,or to snag that potential job. Let me know if you need any tips that I have used to help me land a job.

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