Thursday, February 19, 2009

Save The Date: Dj Colette and Dj Heather, February 28th at Metro Smartbar

I am very excited to announce that two Chicago-based house Djs will be returning to Chicago on February 28th at Metro Smartbar. Dj Colette's hit "Feeling Hypnotized" has been featured in Motorola Commercials and has landed her on the "Devil Wears Prada" soundtrack. Dj Heather is also a local based DJ who will be joining Dj Colette for a night of great Chicago House music. I can't get enough of these two. Their soulful tracks and smooth beats will keep you dancing all night long. These women will also be participating at the Winter Music Conference to take place in March, a huge event that takes place in Miami that attracts DJ from all over the world including great Dj's such as Tiesto and Fat Boy Slim just to name a few. It's a huge honor to participate in this event.

Tickets for Dj Colette and Dj Heather are not expensive at all-$10 dollars before midnight and $15 after, for these two it is so worth it and practically a steal if you ask me. This is what I love about Metro Smartbar. Metro Smartbar is a place where local musicians return and do great live shows at an unbeatable cost. It is not pretentious at all and no specific dress code necessary.

I am going to do my best to go to this show, hopefully my calendar will be clear enough that I will be able to make it. I went to DJ Kaskade, another great local based DJ last February at MetroSmartbar and I had a great time. If you are in the area or happening to be traveling in Chicago that weekend, stop on over, should be a good time.

Visit MetroSmartbar for more details.

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  1. Sounds like a fun night. I hope you I can read all about the night on your blog