Monday, May 4, 2009

Time is of essence.

So I have been apartment hunting and actually,I may have lucked out. I did my second rounds of apartment hunting today and actually found an apartment with great space,with the amenities that I wanted such as laundry room,elevators,etc, and for a reasonable price. I had to go a little out of my price range but all the utilities are included so it all comes out the same. One block down I live by a major street with grocery stores,coffee shops,restaurants,etc. My favorite Ex-Yugoslavian import store is apparently a few minutes away walking distance as well(I am REALLY excited about this one).Hopefully I won't have to rent any much longer and soon I will be able to own my own condo in the city,something I have been dreaming about for quite some time now. I realized after looking for an apartment not everything you see for rent is "perfect" and unless you own your own place,you really can't be picky.

In the midst of all this I am still planning my wedding,it seems I just am all over the place now. I also have to go to my cousin's wedding in Detroit next month. And of course going to the gym,something I must stick to if I want to be at my ideal weight for the wedding.

One thing I had to let go was my former contributing author gig on GalsGuide. The requirement now is once a week you had to blog,and I had preferred blogging at least twice a week but it turned out that was not what they are looking for anymore. It was kinda a blow to my ego but what can you do? The guidelines seem to be more strict and not as lax as it once was *sigh*.

With my new life right now,I hope to continue my interests,or at least pick them back up once my wedding is all over,but for now everything is just chaotic right now. It's been also my one year anniversary since I began working for the company I have been working for so my performance evaluation is coming up(wish me luck!).

At least I still have my blog,and I may try to focus more on it,if I have the time that is. But at least I can control how often I can post :-)

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  1. First glad u found ur apartment. Second Good luck with the work evaluation (one go girl). Third, don't sweat the other blog, everyone knows they can find you here :)