Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shoutcast radio-don't stay home without it.

Saturday morning in Chicago. So far,the sun has been shining and I couldn't sleep in any longer. It is now 9:58 am as I write this,summertime in Chicago does not allow you to sleep in,since there is so much going on here. I am sipping on green tea and eating toast and marmalade as I write this. I am also listening to one of Shoutcast radio's house stations. What is Shoutcast you ask?

Shoutcast radio is a website that provides online radio stations 24/7-you can download the toolbar and in an instant you can type in any type of genre of music you want to listen to-ranging from Rock to Pop to Dance to Hip Hop. I love the afternoon mix that features live deep House and soulful music and my other favorite one is Deepvibes that also features House music.

If you got other things going on,just let the radio play behind you,it seems for me that getting tasks/chores done is so much easier when you got some great music playing.

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