Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Attention: El train riders.

Lately I have been reading incidences regarding theft on the Red Line train. This isn't meant as a scare tactic but just thought I'd post some tips:

If you need to ride the El to run errands try to do it during daytime hours.
Now I know you must be thinking: things happen in the daytime also. Very true,but your risk of something happening goes up at night,especially if you are riding alone. There is usually more people in the daytime as well.

Please,if you can,do not take your purse,and take only credit cards.

If there is any way you can take a small coin purse or just put your credit card in your pocket,you are better off. Buy a CTA pass if you can so that you don't have to carry that much cash. Especially with the times right now,more women(as well as men) are getting pick pocketed. Again,things still can happen no matter how careful you are but at least with credit cards you can dispute the charges and cancel it all together if someone ends up stealing it. Lot of city people know this but for those who have recently transplanted from a small town or come down to the city from the 'burbs they tend to be too comfortable and are the ones that end up having this happen to them the most.

Use the buddy system
Especially if you are going to be riding late at night coming back from the bars.

Lastly,if you see something suspicious,get off and go inside to the nearest building.
Immediately call the police if you can.

If you can,carry Mace with you,it's good to have on your keychain in case you need to use it.

The El train system is a wonderful source of transportation that can help us avoid paying 30 dollar parking fees,but at the same time you are going with a number different kinds of people so it is always a good idea to take precaution.

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