Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summertime in the city part 2

Well here I am,my last day off before I have to head back to work(yes I counted the weekends as well).
With this 90 degrees weather we have been having,I have to say,in a city that keeps us hostage with the extreme cold temperatures in the winter time,this 90 degrees heatwave we have been having is a punishment for all the complaints we make in those winter months.

With that in mind it has been way too hot to cook,so I have been heading out to different spots for food and drinks. One of them was a neat place in Uptown called Fat Cat-they had great martinis there. I also discovered this great coffeehouse based out of Vienna called Julius Mienl. Here they got great coffees,healthy gourmet sandwiches and wonderful desserts.

 I also was able to head to Oak St beach as a bathed in the sun amongst the city skyline.

I did some shopping here and there,before the sun got really strong or right before the sunset,because that was really the only time that was the most comfortable. I got a killer navy blazer for half off at Zara,a retail based clothing store from Spain. Oh how I love shopping in Chicago.

Summer isn't over yet for me however,and I am half dreading to go to work and half of me just needs to go back. I just can't imagine being off for more than a week if I am not planning on going anywhere. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy what our city has to offer,especially in the summertime.

Now if it can just cool off "just a little bit" so that it can be comfortable to dine al fresco.

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