Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summertime in the city.

Here's me at the annual Kidney Walk to benefit The National Kidney Foundation. The event took place on June 27th starting at Soldier Field and ended at McCormick Place. It was raining pretty bad that day but it turned out to be a success regardless. Plenty came out and did the walk along Chicago's beautiful Lakefront.

As you can see,I have been out and about since summer kicked off here in Chicago. Other things I have been up to are:

Going to the beach. With the beach a block away from me who wouldn't take advantage of that?

Lunch at the Signature Room. My parents came out last weekend and me and my husband took them to the 95th floor of the John  Hancock Building. They feature a great lunch buffet between 11:30-2:30 every Saturday for only 20 bucks!. The view up there is beautiful as you can see the whole city skyline. We had a view of Navy Pier and the lake. Day or night this place is a great stop.

Shopping and dining al fresco. This is the best time to go to Michigan Ave because the weather is nice enough where you can walk around without a coat. I bought some great threads from the ever so popular international brand United Colors of Benneton. This store has sleek,classic but stylish threads for the modern woman. I finally checked out Kuma's Burger and Sweetwater which are excellent options for dining.

I finally took off a week from work,so I will definitely be checking out other hot spots here around the city. I won't be blogging as much because I will too busy enjoying my time off,but I will definitely keep you updated when I return.

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