Saturday, September 25, 2010

Growth through Creativity-New Ways of Reaching Others

This morning,I headed over to Loyola's Watertower campus to partake in a continuing education workshop called Growth through Creativity-New Ways of Reaching others. As a licensed therapist,I am required to collect continuing education credits in order to maintain licensure. I received an invitation from Loyola's Alumni Association regarding this topic and it really intrigued me,and I am still short of credits,so I figured why not. I graduated in 2006 from The School of Social Work here and it really felt good to come back on campus,located in the heart of Michigan Ave. It was great reminiscing the days as I grabbed myself a cappuccino at Argo Tea next door(it started at 10am so I needed a little perk) as I headed upstairs to the 13th floor of the building.

The speakers that were there were excellent. One talked about providing therapy to her brain injury patients through "Dance" which was great. Another speaker uses Drama techniques to assist her Alzheimer's patients. Another used "Adventure Therapy" such as sea kayaking and rock climbing to work with at risk youth. The other one used Yoga to work with her clients that have Depression,Anxiety, Substance Abuse,etc. One clinician started a program devoted to at risk youth on the South Side talking to younger children about staying off the streets and prevent violence.

I had to applaud these clinicians as they chose to "think outside the box" as far as providing therapy. No longer are the days where the only therapy setting provided is the typical Sigmund Freud-laying on the couch- while the therapist speaks aside-from you.Conventional ways may not always work and are found to be very stigmatizing. Creativity and the Arts can provide a great tool to help those patients navigate their lives and improve their inner well-being.

If you or someone you love need a counselor and would rather partake in these such therapies as opposed to traditional therapy,email me and I can refer you to these therapists.

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