Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Healthy Living Series 2011-update

Hello again,

The thermostat is rising here in Chicago, over the past couple weeks we have reached 90-100 F index temperatures. It put a damper on my running and zumba plans because it's just been way too hot. I took a staycation and did a lot of walking on Michigan Ave, but checking out the city's restaurant scene didn't help either.

So I have fallen of the exercise wagon but I am planning to get back on again. I started off this morning with some strength workouts:lifting weights, sit ups, leg exercises,etc. I will probably do some more this evening.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Indiana to visit family but Monday I am going to aim to get into my routine again. Wish me luck! With these extreme temperatures, it can be challenging. Gotta love Chicago weather!

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