Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Coffetalk-growing up is hard to do.

So I just had coffee with one of my fellow GalsGuide contributor authors in downtown Evanston. She also is getting married just like I am and is experiencing the same phase in our life where we are not really "young college girls" anymore but rather "maturing young adults". We are both experiencing that time in our life where we need to buckle down and stablize our life as much as we can.

Although I have been done with school for quite some time and am working in my career,along with of course getting married, I feel that there is so much more I can do-I want to work towards getting a house or condo one day,work towards my clinical license,and work on my writing that I have always loved to do but had not really much time for it because of college. I eventually would like to open some small business one day and get in touch with my creative side as well. I am also slowly adjusting to a lifestyle where I don't go out as much because quite frankly,I need to think about my future-saving money,work towards a home,kids,and so forth.

During your college years are the years where you explore, have fun,and can be a kid a little bit longer. But there comes a time where you eventually have to say "Time to grow up,do something with your life!" A lot of young adults struggle with this and either fail and continue to act like kids even after 30, or just snap out of it and begin to think about what they want going for them for the rest of their life. Family,kids,advancing their careers,etc are all part of life as well.

I do,however,would like to continue to be active and participate in extracurricular activities and organizations,maybe even do some fundraisers(I have always wanted to do one of those fundraisers with a fashion show event or something). I think you should still maintain your interests whether it's writing,making music,sports,etc.

Growing up may be hard to do,but it is something that we just have to deal with. Good luck all that are crossing this path.


  1. Dijana,

    Great post! And yes, while I wish we weren't growing up, I'm also glad that we don't have to stay out at the bars until 2AM!

  2. Yes that is true! I don't think I can stay up past 2AM anymore... And I am starting to love my daylight hours :-)))