Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dress done.

So I finally found a dress. That was probably the most stressful thing I ever had to do! I mean, I have had many stressors in my life by far,but for something as simple as choosing a wedding dress was like a job. I tend to be nit-picky when I try on clothes and I am my own worst critic,and shoe shopping forget it(you will be so surprised,I am not the typical girl who has 1,000 pair of shoes like most girls,because I just get so frustrated!). But this time I had to be a little opened minded.

I was glad I chose a dress finally because the consultant told me that it will arrive in June,and then I will need alterations. So I was cutting it close,I had to choose and I had to choose fast. But I am so glad it's over with. My mom was happy what I chose also,I was going for something traditional and it has some modern touches to it,and it was very close to what I was looking for.

Now,I need to start working out! I hope it warms up in the next couple months, I really want to start jogging along the lake. Or even jog through some Chicago neighborhoods-scenery helps. My fiance and I live 5 min from Clark St, and we were thinking once the weather gets better,to walk/run the entire street,through Wrigleyville, up until the South Loop Target-what a challenge huh? :-p

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