Sunday, January 4, 2009

Resolutions and keeping them...or at least try to...

So 2009 has finally arrived. Winter is half over but we still have a long way to go... I pondered over the last couple days as my computer got cleaned and updated(Tony thank you! Seriously,my computer is running so much faster now). Here are a couple that I am going to try to stick to:

Of course,the typical resolution which is, lose weight,eat better. I just went to visit my parents in Indiana this past weekend and also went to Sam's Club,where I went at it with healthy groceries. I am just waiting for the weather to get better so I can start jogging along the lake,but for now I need to just work out indoors and watch Body By Gilad video's. I believe if you can find your niche and stick with it you can lose weight and be more fit.

Another one is,to be more efficent at work. I have been known to be a procrastinator,writing 15 page papers in Grad school the night before it's due,while keeping MSN on for study breaks. I am trying to get my tasks done ahead of time so I can have more time with my patients doing fun things.

And one more is,get some books on opening a business. I want to open something which I don't want to reveal,right now I just want to do some research and think it through,I do see myself doing Social Work in the future,but on a part-time basis,as it is a field prone for burnouts. I don't know if I can really see myself being a full time social worker for the rest of my life,although I have considered maybe doing Life Coaching,which is becoming popular now,basically it's helping people figure their life out and getting them on the right track,something I have definitely experience in.

So there you go,my New Year's resolutions. Will I keep them? We'll see.

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