Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Do I Blog?

Why do I blog you ask?

Social media has been a popular phenomenon over the years and with this comes a great opportunity to get into my writing again.

Throughout my school years I have always loved to write-essays,writing contests,you name it I did it. For fun I used to write poetry,short stories,and I as a child I remember winning an author contest for a short story book that I have written. In high school I was involved with newspaper and yearbook committees.

Then college came, and with that came academic papers-unless it was a creative writing course, I really did not have time to write about things that I enjoy. My writing became required final papers 15-20 pages long in Grad school as well.

When I got selected to write after submitting a sample on GalsGuide, I was ecstatic. It's something that I just want to get into again. Although my life is hectic right now, I really do hope I can continue to do writing as a hobby. Writing is soothing,and allows you to just get things off your chest. I also just enjoy giving people advice on a variety of things whether it's how to cope with stress(that's the Social Work in me) to where to grab deep dish pizza in the city.

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  1. Nice passage, I too am able to vent when I write. Keep blogging :)