Saturday, January 10, 2009

Northside...Southside...which do you prefer?

Last night,I decided to take a cruise through the northside of Chicago. I haven't had a chance to really navigate the Northside of Chicago since I moved in several months ago,considering I was visiting my now fiance a lot in Bridgeport,which is on the Southside of Chicago. Since he lived close to the South Loop,we spent many summer and fall days down there,especially Michigan Ave and Rush St.

If you don't know already or you are not from Chicago, Chicago has two areas in in which they "rival" each other. There's the Northside,home of the Chicago Cubs and Wrigleyville,and then there is the Southside of Chicago,which is home of the Chicago White Sox,whose US Cellular Stadium is located in Bridgeport. These are the main references to the North and South side,however the North and South side stretch far and wide.

I love and miss Bridgeport because of the family oriented vibe that this neighborhood has and only few steps away from the South Loop. Not often do you find a neighborhood in a city with real houses and sidewalks. You can also catch the red line or orange line in this neighborhood if you ever want to go downtown. Check out Bridgeport Coffeehouse if you ever want to stop by this neighborhood and have a java. There are no words for the South Loop-very metropolitan,and a prime area for tourists from all over the world.

The Northside,primarily the streets of Clark,Addison,and Belmont,has a somewhat different scenario. Here,you will see many young individuals,ranging from students to young businessmen. Especially close to the Cubs stadium,you will see streets stretch painted with bars, trendy boutiques,restaurants,and coffeehouses. And no matter what time or day it is,this area is always buzzing,especially when there is a game going on. Metro Smartbar is highly recommended if you want to see local artists for a small fee ranging from $15-20.

Which side do I prefer? It's hard to say now. I will always have a special place in my heart for Bridgeport and the Southside,but the Northside is sort of growing on me too. Usually when people move to the city they move to the Northside first,Lincoln Park or Lakeview,etc. But I started off in the South Loop first, and have many memories there as well. I loved the fact that I was so close to downtown. I will probably do some more exploring once the weather gets nicer.

Either way,Chicago is Chicago,and the city as a whole is truly a gem.

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